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Our Journey So Far

Fruit Growing

Visit Our Fish Pond

Western Rural Community Development (WERUCODEP) is a Community Based Organization that is so passionate about environmental protection and conservation. Read more...From mangoes, oranges, passion fruits, ovacados and other fruits that add an extra day to your life! Our compound is designed with different types of fruits. Read more...WERUCODEP is on the campaign to put in place a fish pond that will put a smile on many people’s faces. The fish pond will have a different fish species and all our esteemed visitors will have a chance to enjoy fish when they visit with us. Read more...

Environmental Protection

Carpentry & Joinery


We care so much about the environment protection. Starting from our compound, you will enjoy different varieties of trees which are indigenous at the same time medicinal. We have nursery beds which contain different tree seedlings. Read moreWe have vast experience in making all sorts of carpentry products. From office, kitchen and home furniture, we are the experts in the area. We make office chairs, tables, closets, windows, standing desks, doors, stools, and others. Read more...Our carpentry team has great experience making beehives of all sizes. We make classic beehives for bee farmers who visit make orders. We also over 20 beehives that are housing swarms of bees. Read more...

Giving Hope to Fish Farmers! Our Fingerlings are growing Fast!