Western Rural Community Development (WERUCODEP) is a Community Based Organization that is so passionate about environmental protection and conservation. Our passion for environment conservation started in 2008 when we started a carpentry workshop. Back then, we are referred to as Kagadi Youth Development Group. Our group received tools from Tools for Self Reliance (Milton Keynes) through  Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme (URDT). URDT introduced our group to the Visionary Approach where we learnt how to come up with a vision and also design strategies for realization of the vision. We were trained in carpentry and joinery and other disciplines including Agriculture, Apiary, environmental protection, poultry and fishing farming.

In 2013, Kagadi Youth Development Group was transformed to Western Rural Community Development (WERUCODEP), a community based organized registered with Kibaale District Local Government registration number 848. 


Currently we have 27 hectares of land containing a demonstration farm. We have different tree species (over 20 types) for providing a conducive environment. We have started the construction of the administration block, we have a carpentry and joinery workshop, a fish pond, beekeeping program and all these are currently in progress.

Our next step is to have WERUCODEP registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This will improve on our geographical coverage and outreach.