Construction of a Water Reservoir for WERUCODEP Fish Pond

To ensure a stable supply of water to our fish, WERUCODEP has been joined by the community members to put in place a water reservoir that is intended to store water that is enough to fill the fish pond whenever needed.

This happened on Saturday 24th August 2019 at WERUCODEP head offices along Mambugu-Kateete Road in Muhorro Sub-county, Kagadi District.

Men, women, and children from within Kagadi came with their tools to WERUCODEP head office in Muhorro sub-county to contribute to the construction of the water reservoir.

According to the director Mr. Ainabyoona Kihika, this reservoir is 25 by 25 square feet wide and over 10 fit deep. He said that it will have an inlet and outlet pipe used to feed water into the fish pond.

Ainabyoona acknowledged the community members for being part of the development and said that the initiative and other WERUCODEP projects will create employment opportunities for the sons and daughters of Kagadi, reducing on unemployment in the area and Uganda.

He added that the fish pond will also improve on the health style of community members and Uganda in the sense that people will have quick access to fish which is rich in proteins. “The fish pond has the capacity to accommodate 15000 fish at ago and fish can be harvested within six months. Says Ainabyoona.