Our Fish Pond Under Construction

WERUCODEP is on the campaign to put in place a fish pond that will put a smile on many people’s faces. The fish pond will have a different fish species and all our esteemed visitors will have a chance to enojoy fish when they visit with us.

The fish pond is also a demonstration site for people who are interested in fish farming. You can contact us today if you are interested in learning about fish farming. We have technical team with vast experience in this field who will enlighten you about fish farming.

The Fish pond is 180 ft by 50 ft. On the left of the fish pond we are going to put in a place another fish pond.

Around the fish pond we intend to plant very attractive grasses with fruits and nice shades. Just next to the fish pond, you will see  cottages which are self contained. You will also be able to enjoy fresh fish, roasted meat, chicken and passion fruits juice. 

Passion fruits just next to the fish pond.

While at the fish pond, you will also be able to use our canoe and sail on our fish pond as you enjoy the fresh air from the beautiful surrounding environment.