WERUCODEP Video Timeline

Promoting African Indigenous trees. Take a look at these Mahogany trees within the WERUCODEP campus. Visit us to know more about the benefits of this species and of course, how to grow them, from nursery bed to maturity.
If you have not been at the Western Rural Community Development Organization, then you are missing a lot. The video herein gives you an opportunity to glance at the beautiful scenery at WERUCODEP. Enjoy!
Western Rural Community Development Organization (WERUCODEP) department of fisheries established a fish reservoir with the aim of breeding  fingerlings to be given to fish farmers. According the Executive Director for WERUCODEP Omukwenda Ainabyoona Kihika, the reservoir has the capacity to accommodate more than 3000 fingerlings.
Ainabyoona said that the fingerlings from the reservoir are to be given to fish farmers at a relatively cheaper price compared to the prevailing price on the market.